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Our Fleet

What We Offer

Reliable Truck and Equipment Fleet

Our reliable truck and equipment fleet is available for a variety of aggregate hauling solutions to safely haul gravel, sand, topsoil, dirt, asphalt, concrete and more to meet the needs of any project.

Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks

Smi Trucks

Semi Trucks

Snow Removal

Whether you need debris hauled away or other materials delivered to or from your commercial construction projects, residential sites and more, we have what it takes to provide the required equipment and deliver our services on time and on budget.

In addition to our in-house fleet, we can dispatch additional trucks and equipment to fulfill your project’s needs.


Below is a snapshot of our fleet:

  • Tri-axle dump trucks
  • Tri-axle dump trucks with asphalt shoot
  • Quad-axle semi-trucks
  • Vast network of owner operators

Materials We Haul

  • Hot Asphalt
  • Broken Concrete
  • Oversized Boulders
  • Demo Debris: house demo-stumps-metal debris
  • Landscape Supplies: topsoil, mulch, 1”x 2” + 2” x 4”
  • Crushed Concrete Materials: 21AA CC & 1”x3” CC L
  • Limestone Products: 21A commercial, 21AA Spec., L/S 1” x 3”, L/S6A
  • All Sand Products – such as: class II, fill sand, brown sand, mason sand, overburden & 2NS\\
  • Natural Stone Products: peastone, 6A natural stone, cobblestone, 21AA natural stone
  • Slag Products – such as: 30A, 21AA, 22A, 4G